Terms, Disclaimers, and Other Stuff

How To Find Me
My office is Olin 1261. Olin is the big building behind Sprague. Enter through the big glass doors on the campus side of the building. Pass the math office on your right, then turn down the hall to the right. Mine is the first office on the left. Here's my complete weekly schedule, so you know when to find me.

Basic Rules
This'll work sorta like a real library, but you don't need a library card. You can check out two books at a time, and they'll be due back in a week. You can get a week extension if you want, but after that, you'll have to bring 'em back. You may let other people read them while they're checked out, but while you have them checked out, they're your responsibility.

Terms of Use
Except where noted, these are all volumes from my personal collection. That is to say, they're mine and I'm very fond of them. And most of them are in pretty good shape. Now, I know they're going to get read a lot (that's what they're for), and their condition is going to suffer for it. I expect that. However, I would appreciate it if you'd try to take reasonablly good care of them while you have them. Now, I realize student budgets are limited, and accidents happen. If one of the books is seriously maimed, lost or destroyed, I will leave it up to you whether you feel inclined or obligated to pay for its replacement. It'd certainly be nice, but will not be required.

Again, I'm awfully fond of these... please take good care of them.

Warnings and Disclaimers
None of the comics in my library are what I'd consider pornographic, but some do contain nudity and even sex (though generally no worse than what you'd expect from an R-rated movie), foul language, violence (occasionally graphic), and other odd shit that just might offend some people. Now, I expect most of you couldn't care less. Me neither. But if you are offended by certain types of content, ask before you borrow. I've read them all (most of them multiple times), and can give you a pretty good idea of what sort of material a given book contains. If there are things you don't want to see or read, let me know and I'll try my best to steer you clear of them. But read at your own risk. I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any offense taken or actions undertaken as a result of reading these. Got it?

If any of you out there have reading copies of your favorite comics that you'd like to make available to the Harvey Mudd community, I'm happily accepting loans. I'll keep them in with the rest of the library, and return them to you at the end of the school year. Understand, while I will do everything within my power to take care of them, people will be borrowing them and reading them, and so I take no responsibility for their condition nor make any promise about their safe return if someone walks off with them. At best, I could probably get you 20% - 40% off on their replacement. Also, just to keep things easier for me, please only bring in graphic novels and trade paperbacks... no individual comic books. Generally, that means anything with a square binding and more than 48 pages is okay. That in mind, any contributions you'd like to make would be greatly appreciated by myself and the community.