Why Am I Doing This?

All through Junior High and High School, I read Marvel Comics, and only Marvel Comics. Y'know... X-Men, Spider-Man, Captain America, Fantastic Four. All other comics sucked. (I'd never actually read most of the others, but y'know how you just know these things when you're a kid.) My first few years in college, my interest in these books started to wane. Although it may just be that I was outgrowing them, I've always maintained (and have had other people back me up on this) that the quality of Marvel comics went into a noticable decline in the early '90s. Fortunately, being at college, I was exposed to other people collecting comics. Disturbingly, they were not all reading Marvel comics! But y'know what? They didn't suck, after all. Thanks to Kerim, Clayton, Mike and others, I discovered Akira, Nausicca, Grendel, Cerebus, The Sandman and others. If not for them, who knows? I might have just stopped collecting comics.

Well, I'm 30 now, and still spending about $50 a month on comic books. And, well, I've got rather a lot of them. I love comic books, and think that they are a very under-appreciated and misunderstood artistic medium. So as a service both to comics and to the Harvey Mudd community, I'm making part of my collection available for people to borrow for free. My hope is that a few people will remember why they used to like comics, or discover just how cool they are, and maybe even start collecting and supporting a few deserving titles. At the very least, I hope people enjoy them. That's what they're here for.