HMC Math 62: Probability and Statistics (Summer, 2004)
Course Information

Instructor: Greg Levin
"Office": Atwood 201 (2nd floor, NW corner)
Office Hours: 3:00-4:00pm, 8:00-9:00pm in my "office"
(I'll probably be in or around my room in Atwood most afternoons and evenings,
and am willing to help out whenever you find me. However, even during official
office hours I'm liable to be in the middle of a game, so just be patient...
I'll be with you in a sec.)

Meeting times (Section 1): M-F 8:45-10:15am, Galileo-McAlister
(Section 2): M-F 10:30-noon, Galileo-McAlister

Graders: Debbie Berg Case 221 x74745
Jeff Brenion Linde 244 x71459
Natalie Hudson Case 204 (832) 428-8913
Eric Johnson Linde 111 (909) 212-6867

Text: Probability and Statistics in Engineering (4th Ed.)
by Hines, Montgomery, Goldsman, and Borror

Grading policy: Homework: 37%
Quizes: 29%
Final: 34%

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