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The Induction Proof from Hell

This is one of my first attempts at pointalism. I drew it to taunt my calculus grader about how much free time we frosh had (well, I had, anyway). The the school paper got a hold of it, and wanted more.

It Came from Platt!

(Yes, Platt is Harvey Mudd's dining hall)

AD&D vs. Chess

Here's a really old one, done for my high school paper for an article about the chess & AD&D clubs. Probably something about the chess club no longer being cool, and the AD&D club taking over ;-)


Another oldie... an ad poster announcing the arrival of OPUS, our high school's student lit magazine.

Smut Bitch

For the North Dorm smut bitch t-shirt, made for those sensitive North Dorm females who found the "Smut Dog" dorm t-shirt's "Piss On East" logo a triffle offensive.

Self Portrait, sort of

This was a homework assignment for an art class. We had to do a self portrait.
(I didn't take that class too seriously, believe it or not)

Dungeons & Dragons

I never played much D&D, but I always enjoyed drawing the characters. These are the only three that I still think are worthwhile, even though they're unfinished. Still too muscular, but that seemed to be a common affliction in my drawings back then (see below).

Silver Surfer & Spider-Man

Just about all I drew in high school were superheroes. Even through my time at Mudd, I was still drawing the costumed weirdos, and still giving them ridiculous physiques. But they sure are fun! I think these two were done for local comic shops.

Frosh-chem Notebook, Part I

For some reason I never really understood, we were only allowed to do one problem per page in our freshman chemistry notebook. I couldn't let all that blank paper go to waste.

Hawkeye- From the Avengers. Those darker pen colors make it kinda hard to see the black linework underneath.
Dr. Strange- Another problem with dark colors, but the magicky stuff is sure fun to color!
Jack of Hearts- A rather obscure character, but with a neat chainmail costume!
Moonknight- I really liked the b&w penwork on this one, and his costumes all white anyway, so I didn't see any point in color.

Frosh-chem Notebook, Part II

I'm a big comic book fan (obviously), and all I read until I got to college were Marvel comics. All the characters here are from the Marvel Universe, ranging from semi-recognizble to really obscure.

Adam Warlock- I always loved Jim Starlin's old Warlock series!
The Gargoyle- Although the character is orange & blue, I thought pencil shading would look better.
The Punisher- Went with colored pencils on this one. Never liked the character.
Yellow Jacket- Hmmm. Yes. Here he is.

Frosh-chem Notebook, Part III

The drawings here are just the best dozen out of 50 or so of these, all done my freshman year (mostly during my Calculus class). Most of the drawings in my gallery I've cropped and cleaned up; these notebook pages have been left more-or-less as-scanned, for that unequalled frsoh-chem-notebook effect!

Longshot- Another nice pen & ink job (borrowing heavily from Art Adams) that there seemed no point in coloring.
Beta Ray Bill- My red pen way dying by this point, so the cape never got finished.
Sasquatch- From John Byrne's Alpha Flight. The fur seemed like it would work better in colored pencil.
ROM, Spaceknight- First comic I ever collected. How did a comic based on a lame toy with a head that looked like a toaster ever last 75 issues?


One of my very first watercolors, this was done for an art contest at a local comic shop. A friend of mine, Joel Wiljanen, was majoring in architecture at the time, and I got him to design the building in the background.


This was done in 2004 as a 60th birthday present for a family friend who likes Spidey. Swingin'!
(Since everything else on this page is at least 10 years old, I was rather amazed that I could still do this!)

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