Greg's Art Gallery: Special Exhibit- Envelopes

After my time at Mudd (the first time), I stopped drawing as regularly. There wasn't much demand for it, and I got busy with other things. One bit of drawing I still did some of was doodling on envelopes that I sent Cj. Many of these I just copied out of my favorite comics. The last five down there are originals. The entire envelopes are presented here for your enjoyment(?). (These are all 4 to 8 years old, and the cheap medium I was working on is looking a little worse for wear.)

BTW, I'm really not paranoid, but just the same, I figured y'all really didn't need to know our exact home addresses, past or present, so those have been edited out.)

This wing is, of course, dedicated to Cj, as all of these are only here because of her.

Renesco Blue from Hectic Planet (formerly Pirate Corp$) by Even Dorkin.
(Seemed like a good one to get this wing of the gallery started)
An annoyed hotdog vendor, also from Hectic Planet.
Uh oh! Telephone beans!
(Don't ask... I copied it from... something. It's not much of a drawing, but was too weird to exclude.)
Copied from a very early Stinz story.
(Stinz and The Desert Peach are two lovely comics by the incredible Donna Barr. I always loved this panel.)
From Cerebus's days as pontif, here acting as the "postage pope".
(For the completely comic-ignorant, Cerebus is by Dave Sim.)
The lovable Ron Post, from Matt Howarth's Those Annoying Post Bros.
Joey, from the late, great Hepcats (by the always late, occasionally great Martin Wagner).
(Not looking too much worse off for the water damage on the right side of the envelope)
Copied from one of the Narnia books (which I finally read my first year in grad school).
I really love Native American designs from the northwest coast region. I don't remember for sure, but this one's almost certianly copied from somewhere.
This one barely counts as a drawing, but I put it in here anyway.
This is a landscape sketch I did on one of my favorite walks in Baltimore... some old train track-turned-walking path up in Hunt Valley.
I wanted to see if watercolors worked on a regular envelope. I didn't really use them to color the owl, but I still think the result's nice.
"What should I draw you on your next envelope?"
"Draw me a bath."
"What should I draw you on your next envelope?"
"Draw me a rock."

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