Greg's Art Gallery: West Wing

Pen & Ink

I used to be a BIG fan of the tv show Beauty and the Beast. My enthusiasm for the show has dwindled somewhat in the years since the show's cancellation, but it still ranks as one of my top three (along with Northern Exposure and Babylon 5). The drawing of Catherine (Linda Hamilton), along with its twin drawing of Vincent below, are just about my best work ever. Here's an even bigger shot of it.


The matching Vincent to the above Cathy. Here's an even bigger shot of it.


This drawing was done for a pen & ink class at Pomona, and later used in SOL iMpROV. It was based on a photo in the Windstar Journal.


Another drawing for my Pomona pen & ink class. Instead of poinalism or cross-hatching to create grays, I tried using grey pens instead.


Ambassador to Babylon 5 from the Minbari Federation.
Actually, it's just a goofy portrait of CJ. This is the risk you take spending too much time around an artistic geek.

My brother, Keith

This is a drawing of my brother. It was done from a photo taken on a family vacation. I have no idea why I drew it, but we ended up using it for a dorm t-shirt.

James Foxglove

as played by Pat Jones, in the play of the same name by Kerim Aydin. This was some promotional art for an Etc. Player's production during my senior year at Mudd. (And I missed it because I had to go check out grad schools! Grump)


An illustration for SOL iMpROV for the story Mr. Hawking's Jigsaw by Gordon Hogenson. I cheated a little after scanning this, and added the light gray background to help clarify the image visually.

Flower & Vase

A simple still life I did one year in a Motel room while on vacation.


Um... it's a leaf.

Roses for Cj

A new one! Fininshed 5/23/00, this is the first real drawing I've done in quite some time. It's not much, but it's a start.

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