Resume: Gregory M. Levin

Address: 5416 Myrtle Ave.
         Long Beach, CA 90805
Phone:   (562) 423-0219  (home)

Objectives & Summary
Seeking full-time employment as a software developer and/or mathematician
For software jobs, use of mathematical ability preferred but not required
   (previous programming job was not math-related; see below)
Experienced with C/C++, PASCAL and MATLAB, but willing and able to quickly learn other languages
In mathematics, specialties include Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Operations Research
   (for courses taught, see below)
Ideal candidate for job where problem-solving skills and ability to learn quickly are more
   important than extensive prior knowledge

   Ph.D., Mathematical Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University.
       Thesis: Selected Topics in Fractional Graph Theory.  Advisor: Edward Scheinerman.
   B.S., Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, 1992.

Previous Computer Experience
   Software developer for Laserfiche Document Management Software
   (1997-1998, summers of 1999, 2000: 14 months total)
      Wrote and maintained code in C/C++ for client/server architecture
      Worked with MFC, Borland, printing and imaging code libraries
      Developed and improved GUIs for several applications

   10+ years of programming experience in an academic environment
   Knowledgeable in Pascal, Matlab, HTML
   Developed two educational software packages while in graduate school

Recent Employment
   Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, Sept. 1998 to July 2002

   Teaching Experience
      Discrete Mathematics ,  Linear Algebra ,  Abstract Algebra ,  Probability ,
      Graph Theory ,  Number Theory ,  Operations Research ,  Computational Geometry ,
      Dynamical Systems ,  Co-Advisor of Mathematics Clinic team

   Research Students
      Ari Nieh, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, 2000-2001
         Thesis: In Search of the Fractional Four Color Theorem
      Matt Brubeck, Department of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, 2001-2002
         Independent research

   Research Interests
      Graph Theory ,  Fractional Graph Theory ,  Combinatorics

Honors and Awards
   Graduated with Distinction, Harvey Mudd College, 1992
   Honors in Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College, 1992
   Abel Wolman Graduate Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 1992
   Rufus Isaacs Graduate Fellowship, John Hopkins University, 1992
   Dept. of Education GAANN Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 1994

Research Papers
   (with M. Jacobson and E. Scheinerman) On Fractional Ramsey Numbers,
	Discrete Mathematics 176 (1997) 159-175.
   (with A. Benjamin, K. Mahlburg and J. Quinn) Random Fibonacci Identities,
	The American Mathematical Monthly 107 (2000) 511-516.
   The Fractional Chromatic Gap of Infinite Graphs, The Journal of Graph Theory, to appear.
   (with E. Scheinerman) The Fractional Dimension of Posets of Trees, in preparation.

Other Interests
   Illustration: you can visit my on-line art gallery at

                                                                      September 8, 2002