HMC Math 181: Dynamical Systems (Spring, 2002)
Course Information

Instructor: Greg Levin
Office Hours: Monday 10:30-11:45am
Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm

Meeting times: TTh 9:35-10:50am, Thomas-Garrett 101

Grader: Michael Gratton     LINDE 117     x71422

Text: Invitation to Dynamical Systems by Edward R. Scheinerman

(Out-of-print; packet available from Huntley Bookstore)

Midterm #1: Takehome, Mid-October

Midterm #2: Takehome, Mid-November

Final: Takehome

Grading policy: Homework: 25%
Midterm #1: 25%
Midterm #2: 25%
Final: 50% = 25%+25%
The lowest 25% (perhaps half the final's weight) will not be counted.

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