HMC Math 55: Discrete Mathematics (Spring, 1999)
Course Information

Instructor: Greg Levin
Office Hours: Monday 9:30-11:30am
Office Hours: Tuesday Noon-1:15pm (Subject to change)

GradersRoom ExtensionTutoring Hours
Lizz Norton South 353  x74936none (but willing to help if found)
Otto Cortez Case 153x74737Tue,Thu,Sun 8:00pm-10:00pm
Peter Kasting Case 204x76751none (try dropping by in the evenings)
Steve DiVerdi   North 216x74881none (but willing to help if found)

Meeting times (Section 1): MWF 1:15-2:05 pm, Beckman 126
Meeting times (Section 2): MWF 2:45-3:35 pm, Beckman 126

Text: Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction by Edward R. Scheinerman

Midterm #1: Feb. 26, 1999

Midterm #2: TBA

Final (Section 1): Thursday May 13, 8:00am
Final (Section 2): Tuesday May 11, 2:00pm

Grading policy: Homework: 25%
Midterm #1: 25%
Midterm #2: 25%
Final: 50% = 25%+25%
The lowest 25% (perhaps half the final's weight) will not be counted.

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