HMC Math 62: Probability & Statistics (Summer, 2003)
Cover Sheet for Final Exam - Due Saturday, June 28

This exam is a 3 hour "takehome" to be taken under strictest adherence to the HMC honor code. This test is closed book, closed notes... no reference material of any sort may be consulted while the exam is in progress except for (i) the information provided below, and (ii) the normal, t-distribution, and F-distribution tables in the appendix of your text. You will want to have these handy while taking the exam! You may (and should!) use a 5-function calculator (+ , - , * , / , sqrare root) on the exam. If you have a more sophisticated calculator, you may not use any "higher" functions, like graphing, statistical functions, factorial, etc. You must complete the entire exam in one contiguous 3 hour sitting... no breaks allowed. Your 3 hours begin as soon as you follow the link below.

You may write the answers to as many questions as you like on a piece of paper, so long as your work is legible. You may use both sides of your paper. When you are finished, staple all worksheets together if there are more than one. There is a box outside my room (Linde 146) where you can deposit your completed final. Do not alter it, look at it, discuss it or even think about it until after noon on Saturday. Be good.

Where possible, explain your work... I'm big on partial credit, but an incorrect answer with no explanation won't get any. If you have any unresolveble questions about the exam content while you are taking it (you don't understand a question, you think there's a typo, etc.), state your assumptions about what you think the problem meant, and write a solution based on that. If you simply can't make sense of something, finish as much as you can in the allotted time. Then bring the question to me whenever you can find me around. I'll answer it, and give you a few minutes to work on the problem before you have to hand it in.

Here are the formulas that you are allowed to consult during the exam...

You may additionally consult the normal, t-distribution, and F-distribution tables in your text.

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(Unless, y'know, I haven't taken my Linear final yet, in which case it sucks to be me)"

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