A Visual Fractal Drawing Tool for MATLAB
By Greg Levin

Fractory is a MATLAB program that allows the user to generate nifty fractal images from Iterated Function Systems without knowing what that means. Usually IFS fractals require the computation of multiple matrices, which provide little intuition about their final appearance. Fractory may be used to reproduce these IFSs on a visual basis.
This page is just starting, and more details will appear eventually. For now, you'll have to be content with the program and some brief instructions for running it. In your MATLAB directory (or whatever directory you use as your working directory in MATLAB), make a subdirectory called "FRACDIR". The Fractory files (a bunch of m-files and data files) are zipped up for your convenience. If you have any trouble with any of the zipped files, this directory also contains the individual files, if you want to download any or all of them separately. Whatever you download, put it into your FRACDIR (and unzip, if necessary). Then run MATLAB, change its working directory to your FRACDIR, and type "fractory" at the command prompt. That should be sufficient.

Have fun!

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Last modified: April 30,  1999