Harvey Mudd College Math 181
Dynamical Systems Final Projects

The HIV Epidemic:  What kind of vaccine are we looking for?
Nadia Abuelezam

Sphere packing in a pharmaceutical context
Tracey Backes

Estimating lag time and permeability in membranes
Elyse Fosse

Analysis of flow past a cylinder attached to a spring
Michael Franklin

Localized forcing on thin liquid films
Edwin Lei

Two methods for determining impact time in the bouncing ball system
David Morrison

Basins of attraction and perturbed numerical solutions using Euler's method
Hendrik Orem

A dynamical systems model of a thin liquid film with a surfactant and gravity
Stephen Rosenthal

An undergraduate's guide to the Hartman-Grobman and  Poincare'-Bendixon theorems
Scott Zimmerman