Susan E. Martonosi

Associate Professor

Global Clinic Director

Department of Mathematics

Harvey Mudd College

301 Platt Blvd.

Claremont, CA 91711

martonosi @ hmc . edu

(909) 607-0481





Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Operations Research Center

Cambridge, MA

Ph.D. 2005


Cornell University (Go Big Red!)

College of Engineering

School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

Ithaca, NY

B.S. 1999




My research focuses on the application of operations research models and methodology to problems in the public sector. My earlier work developed models for homeland security policy, and in particular, aviation security. More recently, I have



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Between undergraduate and graduate school, I was a volunteer in the United States Peace Corps, teaching high school math in Guinea, West Africa. Click here for some photos/description


At MIT, I was a member of Rambax MIT, a Senegalese sabar drumming ensemble.


I also like to swim, run, play the piano and sing karaoke.