Marissa Gee

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics 2017

Thesis Proposal: Modeling the Immune Response in Type-1 Diabetes
Thesis Advisor: Prof. Lisette de Pillis
Second Reader: Prof. Rachel Levy

Modeling Type 1 Diabetes and Cell Interactions in the Pancreas

As incidence rates of type 1 diabetes are rising across the globe, the treatment and prevention of this disease is of great importance. In order to better understand and make predicatiosn about this treament, a multi-organ model of the immune system is being developed. This porject focuses on developing a model for cellular interactiosn in the pancreas, as they relate to the development of type 1 diabetes, with the eventual goal of incorportating the dynamics of the pancreas inot the larger multi-organ model. We develop a model of beta cell and dendritic cell interaction that uses mass action kinetics. We fit this model to published data from two previous experiments to obtain values for the rate constants for these mass-action models. Our long term goal is to fully parameterize this pancreas model and incorporate it into the larger model to make predications about the development and treatment of type 1 diabetes.