I am interested in and heavily involved with mathematics outreach, in two main capacities: increasing diversity in STEM, and mathematical enrichment for high school students. My participation includes:

Mathematics Foundation of America Director: (2016-present)

I currently serve on the board of directors of this non-profit organization whose broader mission is education, inspiration, and community-building in mathematics, with a pre-collegiate focus. The non-profit is responsible for the operations of the Canada/USA Mathcamp, a summer program for exceptionally talented high school students.

MAA Subcommittee on the AMS 10/12 Exams Member: (2016-2017)

I served as one of 8 members on this subcommittee. These competitions serve as the first in a string of exams deciding the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. Over 200,000 students participate in these competitions.

Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge: Problems Committee Member (2014-2017)

I served as a problems writer for the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, the first stage of competition leading to the selection of Canada's International Mathematical Olympiad team.

AMS e-Mentoring Network: Writer (2013-2016, 2017-present)

I am one of the contributing bloggers of this mathematics mentoring blog, organized by one of the largest association of professional mathematicians in the world.

American Mathematical Monthly: Contributing Editor, Problems (2015-2016)

I served as one of a handful of editors of the popular mathematics problem solving journal.

Crux Mathematicorum: Associate Editor (2014-2015)

I served as an associate editor for this problem-based Canadian journal.

Canada/USA Mathcamp: Research In Pairs (2014,2015)

Working with Matthew T. Stamps, I conducted mathematical research while exposing young, enriched students to our mathematical area of study. We have been visitors one week out of every year.

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (formerly SPMPS): Instructor (2013)

BEAM offers a 1-month summer program for gifted rising 8th graders from New York City. As an instructor, I taught a week long course (4 hours per day) on Probability & Statistics. The Art of Problem Solving Foundation helped launch BEAM (then SPMPS) to give underserved middle school students with talent in mathematics access to high-quality mathematical resources and instruction. A major emphasis of the program is creating a community of peers who share a growing passion for math. The ultimate goal of this BEAM program is to enable our alumni to get on to the pathway toward careers as mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and programmers. Therefore, we seek to give everyone access to the best kinds of interesting and advanced mathematics which is now enjoyed by top students nationally, which is one of the first steps on this pathway.

Siemens Competition: Regional Judge (2012)

The Siemens Competition is the premier mathematics, science and technology competition at the high school level in the United States, with winners earning several tens of thousands of dollars toward college tuition. As a Regional judge, I evaluate original work by high school students, and serve on a panel of judges during the students' presentations at the regional competition level. Students competing at the regional level have completed and won rigorous local and state level competitions

Canada/USA Mathcamp: Academic Coordinator (2012), Graduate Student Mentor (2011)

Canada/USA Mathcamp is an intensive 5-week-long summer program for outstandingly talented high school students. The program allows students to explore undergraduate and even graduate and research-level math topics in a vibrant and passionate environment. In Summer 2012, I was one of two Academic Coordinators at Canada/USA Mathcamp. This involved setting the academic schedule for over 100 courses, overseeing the research project program within the camp, facilitating academic visitations through the NSF-funded "Research in Pairs" program, and maintaining the mentoring system for new teachers. In Summer 2011 I was a Graduate Student Mentor there. My role as a mentor was to work with other mentors in serving as an active mathematics teacher, residence counselor, and primary camp policy leader, setting the tone of the entire program.

American Mathematics Competitions: Advisory Panel (2011-2012)

The American Mathematics Competitions are premier high school math contests that serve as precursors for the selection of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. As a member of the Advisory Panel, I contribute problems, and edit and review tests.

Explore Math: Director of the Northern California ARML Team (2010)

Explore Math is an NSF-VIGRE funded high-school enrichment initiative organized and run solely by graduate students at UC Davis. ARML (American Regions Mathematics League) is a national mathematics competition for high school students held on the last weekend of May at four sites around the United States. I was the director for the program in 2010, and was the primary instructor for the Northern California ARML team in the Winter 2009 Quarter.

Mathleague.org: Competition Writer (2009-2012)

I write mathematics competitions for mathleague.org, a national program that provides various mathematics competitions to high school math circles. I am particularly involved with writing Sprint competitions: 30 problem multiple choice competitions akin to the AMC-10 and AMC-12 competitions run by the Mathematical Association of America (see AMC Mathematics Competitions).

In the past, I have been involved with Canadian Mathematics Competitions run by the Centre for Education in Mathematics & Computing.