Homework for Abstract Algebra I

Math 171, Fall 2017, Harvey Mudd College
Prof. Orrison

Unless stated otherwise, Monday homework is due at the beginning of class, and Thursday homework is due outside my office by 5:00 PM. Also, please keep in mind that the exercises at the end of each reading assignment are considered part of the reading assignment. You will find many important ideas, examples, and techniques introduced in the exercises.

1. Due Mon. 9/4: Groups
2. Due Thu. 9/7: Dihedral Groups
3. Due Mon. 9/11: Symmetric Groups
4. Due Thu. 9/14: Matrix Groups and the Quaternion Group
5. Due Mon. 9/18: Homomorphisms
6. Due Thu. 9/21: Group Actions
7. Due Mon. 9/25: Subgroups
8. Due Mon. 10/9: Lattices of Subgroups
9. Due Thu. 10/12: Quotient Groups
10. Due Mon. 10/23: Cosets
11. Due Thu. 10/26: The Isomorphism Theorems
12. Due Mon. 10/30: Group Actions
13. Due Thu. 11/2: More Group Actions
14. Due Thu. 11/9: Rings
15. Due Mon. 11/13: Important Examples
16. Due Thu. 11/16: Ring Homomorphisms and Quotient Rings
17. Due Mon. 11/20: Properties of Ideals
18. Due Wed. 11/22: Applications of Abstract Algebra