Homework for Calculus

Math 30B, Fall 2017, Harvey Mudd College
Prof. Orrison

Unless stated otherwise, Tuesday homework is due at the beginning of class, and Friday homework is due at 1:30 PM in the appropriate inbox outside my office. Also, the Focus Problems listed below are problems that you should sincerely ponder and perhaps even attempt to solve because they will help you better understand important and useful ideas and techniques. Even though you will not be submitting your solutions to the Focus Problems, keep in mind that (1) they (and other related problems in our textbook) will be considered fair game for the midterm and final exam, and (2) sketches of many of the solutions to the Focus Problems appear in the back of our textbook.

1. Due Fri. 9/1: Induction
2. Due Tue. 9/5: Limits
3. Due Fri. 9/8: Limits and Continuity
4. Due Tue. 9/12: Derivatives and Differentiation
5. Due Fri. 9/15: Significance of the Derivative
6. Due Tue. 9/19: Integration
7. Due Tue. 9/26: The Logarithm and Exponential Functions
8. Due Fri. 9/29: Partial Derivatives
9. Due Tue. 10/3: Double and Triple Integrals
10. Due Fri. 10/6: Approximation by Polynomial Functions
11. Due Tue. 10/10: Sequences and Series