The Putnam

Math 191: Putnam Problem Solving Seminar

Instructors:  Prof. Francis Su  and Prof. Nick Pippenger 
Place & Time: Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm in Beckman B126, starting September 11.

Each fall we run two versions of the seminar:
Credit & Requirements: All HMC students are welcome to attend the seminar. You may register for Math 191 as a one credit course. To receive credit you must attend every meeting of the seminar (with at most one unexcused absence) and submit a written solution to a Putnam problem by the end of the semester.


Problem Sets

Dates of discussion Classic Sets TNG Sets
Sept 11 Pigeonhole Principle
Sept 18 Calculus and Analysis Probability
Sept 25 Integers Finite and Countable Sets
Oct 2 Polynomials Mathematical Games
Oct 9 Divisibility Series
Oct 16 Cubes Number Theory
Oct 28 Try questions for the CHMMC. Try questions for the CHMMC.
Nov 6 Probability Riemann Sums and Integrals
Nov 13 Inequalities Geometry
Nov 20 Thanksgiving week No meeting
Nov 27 Ten Easiest Putnam Problems

Write up one Putnam Problem from the semester.

Ten Hardest Putnam Problems


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