Talks and Notes


K3 Surfaces with S4 Symmetry (Advanced Version)
Number Theory and Physics at the Crossroads, Banff International Research Station, May 2011
K3 Surfaces with S4 Symmetry
Valley Geometry Seminar, November 2010
Polytopes, Polynomials, and String Theory
Mathfest, August 2010
Mirror Symmetry Through Reflexive Polytopes: Physical and Mathematical Dualities
Claremont Colloquium, April 2010
Reflexive Polytopes and Mirror Symmetry
Undergraduate Colloquium, Seattle University, January 2009


"Boundary Conditions"
A poem about Sophie Germain. To appear in The College Mathematics Journal.
From Polygons to String Theory
Toric Varieties and Lattice Polytopes
String Theory and Mathematics Workshop
Notes from a SIMUW workshop for mathematically talented high school students.

Ursula Whitcher