In the summer of 2010, I worked with Daniel Moore (HMC '11) and Dmitri Skjorshammer (HMC '11) on a project on computing Picard-Fuchs equations. Their poster reports on their findings.

Papers and Preprints

Dagan Karp, Jacob Lewis, Daniel Moore, Dmitri Skjorshammer, and Ursula Whitcher, On a family of K3 surfaces with S4 symmetry
Polarized Families of K3 Hypersurfaces, my dissertation (June 2009)
Symplectic Automorphisms and the Picard Group of a K3 Surface
To appear in Communications in Algebra.
Adrian Clingher, Charles F. Doran, Jacob Lewis, and Ursula Whitcher, Normal Forms, K3 Surface Moduli, and Modular Parametrizations
Groups and Symmetries: Proceedings of the CRM Conference in Honor of John McKay, edited by John Harnad and Pavel Winternitz, American Mathematical Society, 2009.

Ursula Whitcher