Write a paragraph or so in response to the reading, and submit it via Sakai by Thursday at 9 am. Was there a result which you found particularly interesting? Would you like to see a more precise definition? Is there a topic you'd like to explore in greater detail? Did you find a proof confusing?

Reading Assignments

Thursday Sept. 2
Reid, Section 0 ("Woffle") and Section 1.1-1.6.
Thursday Sept. 9
Reid, 1.7-1.14 and 2.1
Thursday Sept. 16
Reid, 2.2-2.13.
Thursday Sept. 23
Reid, Appendix to Chapter I and 3.1-3.10, not including proof of Nullstellensatz
Thursday Sept. 30
Munkres, Chapter 2
Ried, the rest of Section 3.
Thursday Oct. 7
Reid, 4.1-4.8
Cox, Little, O'Shea 4.4
Thursday Oct. 14
Reid, 4.9-4.14
Thursday Oct. 28
Reid 5.1-5.6
In addition to your reading comments, tell us your final project topic. If you're still hunting for a topic, let us know what you're considering. Are there particular techniques you enjoy? Would you like to explore a connection to another branch of mathematics?
Thursday Nov. 4
Reid 5.7-5.11
Thursday Nov. 11
Reid Ch. 6
Thursday Nov. 18
Reid Ch. 7
Thursday Nov. 25
Thursday Dec. 2
Reid 8.1-8.5
Browse the rest of Chapter 8.