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I Have Moved!

I have moved to the University of South Australia. This webpage is no longer being maintained; you probably want my new webpage.

Research Conference

I organized the first in a new series of mathematics conferences hosted by the HMC Mathematics Department. The speakers were Michael Christ (UC Berkeley), Clifford Earle (Cornell), Robert Hardt (Rice), Thomas Liggett (UCLA), and Brad Osgood (Stanford).

Research Interests

Complex analysis, Fuchsian groups, quasiconformal maps, harmonic measure,
doubling measures, dyadic weights, harmonic analysis, link analysis (web search).
Here are my publications.

Teaching Interests

Complex analysis, complex dynamics, real analysis, differential equations,
wavelets, calculus, linear algebra, Mathematics Clinic.

Here are the notes for my course Math 185: Introduction to Wavelets and their Applications.
(Thanks to Ashish Bhan, Neville Khambatta, and Shane Markstrum
for their help in preparing the LaTeX files and pdfs.)

I taught a version of this Wavelets course at the 2003 IAS Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI).

Cristina Pereyra and I taught a course on Harmonic Analysis: from Fourier to Haar
at the IAS/Princeton University Program for Women in Mathematics in 2004.
We are now working on a book.

Senior Thesis Students

Tracy Powell, '06, Eigenvalues of Exponentiated Adjacency Matrices.
Ariel Barton, '04, Conditions on Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions of Planar Domains.
        [Chavin Prize 2004; Honorable Mention for the AWM's Alice T. Schafer Prize 2004]
Stephen Haas, '03, The Hausdorff Dimension of the Julia Set of Polynomials of the Form zd+c.
Dan Boylan, '02, Translation Averaging and Functions of Vanishing Mean Oscillation.
        (Co-advised with Prof. H. Krieger.)
Otto Cortez, '00, Brownian Motion and Planar Regions: Constructing Boundaries from h-Functions.
Marie Snipes, '99, Brownian Motion and the Shape of a Region's Boundary:
        Generating Step Functions from Circle Domains
[Chavin Prize 1999]

Summer Research Students

Dan Boylan, '02, Summer 2001, A Measure That Is Both Dyadic Doubling and Triadic Doubling Is Not Necessarily Doubling.
David Uminsky, '03, Summer 2001, Iteration of an Even-Odd Splitting Can Make Integration Easier.
Lindsay Crowl, '05, Summer 2001, Approximation of Transcendental Numbers Using New Numerical Methods in Differential Equations.
Otto Cortez, '00, Summer 1999, Artichoke Domains: Convergence of Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions.
Marie Snipes, '99, Summer 1998, Realization of Step Functions as Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions.

Study Abroad

Here are sample programs for HMC math majors studying abroad.

Fall 2005 Courses

Spring 2005 Courses

Fall 2004 Courses

Spring 2003: On sabbatical at The Australian National University (ANU)

Held the WEIS Visiting Fellowship for a Senior Academic Woman in Engineering and Information Sciences

Earlier courses I've taught are archived here.

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