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What do we expect of a Math 13 student? Here are some characteristics of successful learners.
  • Come to all the lectures.
  • Come ready to participate and to learn. Arrive on time and not too tired.
  • Ask questions during class. Especially about anything that's not clear. If you didn't follow it, someone else will have missed it too.
  • Participate in small group work in class.
  • Take effective notes during class. You'll often need them to help during your homework, and in studying for tests. Classes don't always cover the same material as the textbook does. The process of writing can help your understanding.
  • Read and learn from any extra handouts we give in class. Read them after class if we don't go over them in class.
  • Warning: my handouts are NOT a summary of the whole lecture. They usually give details on a technical point. You need to take notes too.
  • Read your lecture notes after class, and when studying for tests.
  • Read the whole website for the course.
  • Get your own copy of our textbook.
  • Read the relevant sections of the textbook. Make notes as you read. List key definitions. Summarize. Connect with things you already know. Think up and work out some examples to see how new concepts work. Test yourself. Read actively.
  • Do all the homework. Try doing each assignment in `two bites': (i) take a first pass and do what you can, then later (ii) try again on the more stubborn problems, and write up the clean copy of your solutions.
  • Work on the homework problems alone first. After that try working on them in small groups. Write up your own solutions by yourself. Write them up clearly and carefully, using the Good Problems skills.
  • On the homework, you may use facts already discussed in class, and facts from the current section or earlier sections of the textbook.
  • Resist the temptation to go immediately to the back of the book, even when you're stumped. Our goal is often primarily the process of trying to solve a problem, rather than the answer. That process is what helps you to learn.
  • Go to the Academic Excellence (AE) tutoring sessions.
  • Come to our office hours.
  • Outside class, communicate with us whenever you have questions.
  • Especially, talk with us if you feel overwhelmed or that you're losing your grip on the course. We can help.
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