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MATH 13: ODE Software

For some of the homework problems you will need to use software for solving differential equations. Use ODE Architect, available on a CD in the front of your textbook and on the CIS network, or ODE Toolkit, a java-based program available on the web.

ODE Architect and ODE Toolkit are software packages that can numerically find and display the solutions to differential equations. Such programs are useful when you want to visualize the solutions to differential equations, or when analytic solutions are not available. As far as this course is concerned, ODE Architect and ODE Toolkit are equivalent. You may use either package on your assignments.

ODE Architect is available for Windows only. To use this program from one of the CIS Windows PCs, click on:

 Start  --> Programs --> Dept --> Math --> Boyce ILE CD-ODE Architect --> ODE Architect Tool

You can also install this program on your Windows PC using the CD from your textbook or from

This program has an amazing library of examples, and the Discrete Tool (which you may have seen in Math 12) which can be used to explore Discrete Dynamical Systems.

You may find useful this handout on How to Use ODE Architect.

If you have a non-Windows machine, consider using ODE Toolkit.

ODE Toolkit is a java-based program, available on the web which runs on Linux, Mac OS X and most Windows Platforms. The program and documentation is available at:

The program has most of the differential-equation--solving capability of  ODE Architect, but it does not have the extensive library of examples or the Discrete Tool.

Two other java-based programs, dfieldand pplane,were designed by
John Polking at Rice University. They also exist in MATLAB versions.
They can be downloaded at:

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