Math 136: Complex Variables and Integral Transforms

Homework 7

Read Sections 5.1 - 5.3, 5.5 of Saff and Snider,
and the summary at the end of Chapter 5.

Do these problems from Saff and Snider:

  • Sec. 5.1, Sequences and Series: 1b, 10, 11b, 12.
    (Think about 1f, 7a, d, 14b, 19.)
  • Sec. 5.2, Taylor Series: 2b, 5e, 11a, d, 13, 14, 17.
    (Think about 1b, e, 2e.)
    You only need to turn in six of these seven questions. If you prefer to attempt all seven, we will count your best six.

Happy Fall Break!

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