Schedule & Assignments for Math Forum

Math 198, Fall 2016, Harvey Mudd College
Prof. Karp

Class 1: Introduction and Overview
TED EXERCISE: Watch a TED talk in groups of 3-4 and answer the following questions (to submit individually although 1-6 can be the same for your group):
  1. What was the topic/title of the talk?
  2. Give the URL of the talk
  3. List 5 effective rhetorical moves made by the speaker (If familiar w/ R.M.)
  4. Comment on the motion, facial expressions and body language of the speaker
  5. What was the least successful aspect of the talk?
  6. How was the talk organized? Create a simple outline of the talk that communicates its overall structure.
  7. List 5 aspects of the talk that you might try to emulate in your talks this semester.
Submit answers to Sakai with Filename: lastname_tedtalk1.pdf
Class 2: Getting to Know You
Class 3-4: Aha! Moments

Class 5 (Tue 10/4 and Thu 10/6) and Class 6 (The 10/11 and Thu 10/20): Impact on Society
Class 7 (Tue 10/25 and Thu 10/27): Two Minute Pitch
Class 8 - 10, 12: 10-minute Mathematics Talks
Class 13: No Class Tue and Thu

Class 14: Evaluations and wrap-up. Reflection Essay due.