Homework for Introduction to Linear Algebra

Math 40, Harvey Mudd College

Unless stated otherwise, all homework is due by 5pm in your instructors office box. Also, the Focus Problems listed below are problems that you should sincerely attempt to solve. They are good problems with which to grapple because they will help you better understand important and useful ideas and techniques. You will not submit your Focus Problem solutions, but be aware that the ideas addressed in the Focus Problems may appear on quizzes and exams.
1. Due Fri. 1/20: Vectors and Vector Spaces
2. Due Tue. 1/26: Systems of Linear Equations
3. Due Fri. 1/29: Methods for Solving Linear Systems
4. Due Tue. 2/2: Spanning Sets, Linear Independence, and Matrix Operations
5. Due Fri. 2/5: Matrix Algebra and the Inverse of a Matrix
6. Due Tue. 2/9: Subspaces, Basis, Dimension, and Rank
Due Mon. 2/15: Take Home Midterm
7. Due Tue. 2/16: Linear Transformations and Determinants
8. Due Fri. 2/19: Determinants, Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
9. Due Tue. 2/23: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
10. Due Fri. 2/26: Similarity and Diagonalization
11. Due Tue. 3/1: Applications of Linear Algebra
Due Mon. 3/7: Take Home Final Exam