Math 171 Homework

Prof.'s Dagan Karp and Mike Orrison
Fall 2008

General information.

Homework is due every Monday and Thursday. Monday's work is due in class, and Thursday's should be deposited by 5 PM to the in-box of Prof. Orrison, located at 1280 Olin.

Current and past assignments

The following is a list of assigned homework problems.

TeX and pdf versions of assigned problems are provided via Martijn van Schaardenburg. Please inform the community of any typo's.
1. Due 9/8.

2. Due 9/11.

3. Due Mon. 9/15 : Symmetric, Matrix, and Quaternion Groups
4. Due Th. 9/18 : Homomorphisms and Isomorphisms
5. Due Mon. 9/22: Quotient Groups
6. Due Thu. 9/25: More Quotient Groups
7. Due Mon. 9/29: Lagrange's Theorem
Wed. 10/1: Exam 1
8. Due Thu. 10/2: The Isomorphism Theorems
9. Due Thu. 10/9: Rings
10. Due Mon 10/13: Examples of Rings
11. Due Thu 10/16 : Homomorphisms and Quotients
12. Due Thu 10/23: Properties of Ideals
13. Due Mon 10/27: Properties of Ideals
14. Due Thu 10/30: Euclidean Domains
15. Due Mon 11/3: PID's
16. Due Thu 11/6: UFD's
17. Due Fri 11/14: Group actions
18. Due Mon 11/17: Groups acting on themselves.
19. Due Thu 11/20: Sylow Theorems.
20. Due Wed 11/26: Sylow Theorems continued.

21. Due Mon 12/8: Applications of Algebra

Write 2-3 paragraphs on a particular application of abstract algebra in another field of mathematics (e.g., topology) or another discipline (e.g., chemistry). Your piece should be written as though it could be included seamlessly in a future edition of Dummit and Foote's book, and you must use at least one outside source.

For consistency and convenience, your piece should be written using LaTeX and the template found here. Lastly, please feel free to look at some of the applied algebra papers written by a previous class.

Wed. 12/10-12/15: Exam 3