Current Courses

This semester I am teaching:
Math 19: Single and Multivariable Calculus, Fall 2020
Math 198: Mathematics Forum, Fall 2020

A Smattering of Previous Courses

Math 199: Colloquium
Math 174: Representation Theory
Math 171: Abstract Algebra
Math 176: Algebraic Geometry
Math 199: Colloquium
Math 176: Algebraic Geometry
IE 179D: Equity and Justice in STEM
Math 30B: Calculus
Math 198: Math Forum
Math 40: Linear Algebra
Math 189P: Differential Topology
Math 171: Abstract Algebra
Math 440a/845a: Algebraic Geometry (at Yale)
Math 131: Real Analysis
Math 60: Multivariable Calculus (Summer Math)
Math 189: Tropical Geometry
Math 40: Introduction to Linear Algebra
Writ 1: An Introduction to Academic Writing.
Math 15: The Application and Art of Calculus.
Math 189: Topics in Algebraic Geometry, with Ursula Whitcher, Spring 2011
Math 147: Inquiry Based Learning Topology
Algebraic Geometry with Ursula Whitcher, Fall 2010
Algebra with Matt Davis, Fall 2010
Math 25 with Mike Orrison, Fall 2010
Math 14: Multivariable Calculus. Spring 2010
Math 63: Linear Algebra 2. Spring 2010
Math 189: Algebraic Geometry. Spring 2009.
Math 14: Multivariable Calculus. Spring 2009.
Math 11: Calculus of one real or complex variable. Fall 2008.
Math 171: Abstract algebra. Fall 2008.
Math 104: Introduction to Analysis. Spring 2008, Berkeley.
Math H113: Honors Abstract Algebra. Spring 2007, Berkeley.
Math 141: Differential Topology. Fall 2006, Berkeley.
Math 180: Differential calculus. Fall 2004, UBC.


All HMC courses also have accompanying Sakai sites. This material is only accessible to HMC students and faculty. I prefer course information to be publicly available as much as possible, so I maintain public websites for courses whenever possible.